Thursday, October 27, 2011

Situation, Motivation, Inspiration.

Boy, have I been lacking inspiration for some time now. My brain has truly been a desert for the last couple of weeks. This blog has been turned into a cemetary, I've been doing pretty much the same thing since I started school (not that I utterly hate it, but I'm not loving it at the moment either) and my spontaneous ways haven't really gotten the chance to play out properly this semester. On one hand, it would be unnatural to force it. On the other, I keep thinking everyday to myself "Come ooooooon, is this it? Is that all I have to offer my sorry life?"

Everyone knows the outcome of trying to force something. It's like when you want to write a song (or do anything else for that matter). You sit your ass down because:

"I'm going to write a song now" (Read with formal voice and pull out red carpet).

After hours of writing down ridiculous rhymes like "you, do, who, clue, Sue" even though it wasn't your intention to make rhymes at all, you realise that you're totally jammed. You've never been jammed like this your entire life it seems like, and you sit there feeling sort of talentless; you pull your hair, cry a little bit inside and get fed up with something that's supposed to be fun.

In other words, the best thing is to let inspiration come naturally. Kind of like I'm doing now, which is resulting in me not getting myself in to the study hall where I should be. I really, really, really should be studying right now. Inspiration makes me feel good, though, so I like to think that it's worth it in the long run. No one wants to walk with a sad Nancy.