Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I couldn't break your heart, not even if I tried."

In spite of a love lock in Moscow and the key thrown in the river, all I'm left with is me, myself and I.

 What can you say. You can't really play the love game properly without risking it all. It's funny how people are like "It's an experience and you'll appreciate it in the future!" when they comment about every bad thing that happens to you. Sure, I mean... Yeah, sure. Until now, I've never experienced the excruciating pain of a heart break, but I suppose that's another experience to cherish. It doesn't make me think less of Cupid, even though all I have now is this ridiculous cucumber plant.

I made that.

As in having it in my mind, since I had to give it away for a birthday present. Just can't stop thinking about this cucumber plant. There's a cucumber plant on my mind and a heartache everywhere else.

Please, make it stop.