Thursday, October 27, 2011

Situation, Motivation, Inspiration.

Boy, have I been lacking inspiration for some time now. My brain has truly been a desert for the last couple of weeks. This blog has been turned into a cemetary, I've been doing pretty much the same thing since I started school (not that I utterly hate it, but I'm not loving it at the moment either) and my spontaneous ways haven't really gotten the chance to play out properly this semester. On one hand, it would be unnatural to force it. On the other, I keep thinking everyday to myself "Come ooooooon, is this it? Is that all I have to offer my sorry life?"

Everyone knows the outcome of trying to force something. It's like when you want to write a song (or do anything else for that matter). You sit your ass down because:

"I'm going to write a song now" (Read with formal voice and pull out red carpet).

After hours of writing down ridiculous rhymes like "you, do, who, clue, Sue" even though it wasn't your intention to make rhymes at all, you realise that you're totally jammed. You've never been jammed like this your entire life it seems like, and you sit there feeling sort of talentless; you pull your hair, cry a little bit inside and get fed up with something that's supposed to be fun.

In other words, the best thing is to let inspiration come naturally. Kind of like I'm doing now, which is resulting in me not getting myself in to the study hall where I should be. I really, really, really should be studying right now. Inspiration makes me feel good, though, so I like to think that it's worth it in the long run. No one wants to walk with a sad Nancy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last day at work! Last day at work!

Last day at work if you didn't catch it already.

I'm celebrating with a walk in the rain, laundy wash and a driving lesson.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What happens when there's a long queue at the Russian consulate

Total randomness. We didn't have any fun.

After a fourth visit to the Russian consulate that will take place on tuesday, we will hopefully never step into the realm of Russian bureaucracy again. I know that also entails staying away from the actual country, but we just can't help ourselves. 

Now I'm off to my second last day at work! Wish me luck. Ya'll know how customers are.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No postcard for you.

Another hard day at work, and I'm glad to say that I'll be taking the longest break ever after friday. After robbing the shop (as in my big ass salary for working by butt off), I'll be spending every penny of it travelling. Not a chance in hell that they'll be getting a postcard, though! You won't believe what I discovered. I was about to throw some paper in the trash can, when suddenly...

What the... Oh my god, it's the postcard I sent to them from Australia!!

And I like, thought they were my BFFs...TTYN!!

Jokes aside, this topic has a way more serious aspect to it... Postcards travel long distances and there is actually someone out there who bothered to write them to you. That someone was trying to be nice! You don't throw away niceness, because the niceness that was put into the card never expires.

I believe that every postcard needs a home. So that's why I picked up my own postcard from the trash and now it's safe and sound in my arms.

I also thought that stealing a pen from the workplace was in order. You know, because of the horrible crime they commited.

Yes, I'm bitter.

I kid you not, I've kept every postcard I've ever received. Have you?

Monday, June 13, 2011

You know you're in the middle of nowhere when you can sing Grenade loudly without being shot.

My dearest friend, Minh Chau, is leaving Norway for half a year. You won't believe what Thao and I went through in order to get to her to say goodbye.

Basically, we got stranded in the middle of nowhere (Lillestrøm), until we could get to where she lives (in the middle of nowhere).

Lady with bright vest: The train leaves every one and a half hour.
We: Holy...
Lady with bright vest: Didn't you look at any time tables? Sigh...
Lady with bright vest: The train leaves in 50 minutes.

- 50 MINUTES?!

This is a lot to swallow for us who live in a city where the public transport comes running with an amazing interval of 15 minutes. A londoner would commit suicide. Speaking of, we overheard the conductor saying to another passenger that "The train doesn't go any wider". We almost commited suicide on the spot.


We also managed to get robbed on the way.

50 NOK! Jesus, this country is so expensive, I can't get over it. I'm ashamed to say that we cried a little.

Minh Chau is awesome, though, she has a a huge moon on the wall, and Wentworth Miller

All my friends are awesome.

What I love the most is that we eat until we pass out

It's what we do best, and it was great to be able to do this one last time before Minh Chau heads out.
Have a great trip! Can't describe how happy we are to see you go!! PARTY!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm a working woman

Do you know how many times a day I have to walk passed these when at work?

And I've been working a lot this month. Surprised of the fact that I haven't gained weight because of it. Actually, I'm surprised I haven't gained any weight at all during the last 4-5 years or something.

Yeah, we sell those, and they are as good as they look. Everytime someone buys something from these shelves, I wish it was for me. Quite expensive pieces of chocolate, though: A raging (raging enough for me) 1,67 $ (10 NOK) for each piece.

Except from the expensive chocolate and sweets, I work at a fairly normal kiosk. As most of you know, there are a lot of weird people in the world, and I get my fair share when working here.

This one time, a customer asked for a pack of sigarettes. This person took a look at it, went totally mental and said:

- Can't you pick another one that doesn't have this horrible picture on it?

- Erhm... Yeah...

I gave her another random pack of cigarettes, but she was still not happy:
It ended up with me having to look through all the packs until I found something more along the lines of this:

Whatever makes you feel better when smoking, weird costumer, but it's still the same type of cigarettes you'll be holding in your hand (wow, you don't say).

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Stupidity is the building block of the universe". - Zappa

I don't know who you turn to when trying to find answers, but I always go to something that I find highly reliable. I want you to meet my luminous eye ball of fortune:

It's as accurate as my accuracy, which means that it has poor judgement as well. I can't believe what I'm hearing when people discuss whether or not to let self driven robots go on their own and shoot stuff or whatever (not that I'm implying that I'm a robot, I just couldn't find anything or anyone less accurate than myself during my writing). Is there really anything to discuss here? I mean, was I the only one who actually learned something from the very educational documentary starring Will Smith "I, Robot"?

I have issues when it comes to the topic about self driven robots performing human tasks. And when people are like "Why?!" when I say that, it makes me question human beings even more than I already am. To be more accurate (word of the day), it makes me question us more than I question self driven robots. Geez, maybe we should replace stupid people with robots. Cause there is such a thing as having too many stupid people on earth. What is better? Having too many stupid people? Or too many smart robots?

Anyways. My luminous eye ball.

It can answer any question, (yes/no questions) and it never lies (unless you decide that it does). Sometimes it's acting up like crazy, though, by telling me everything I don't want to hear. But then I'm like, who believes this stuff anyways.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's text

Some advice from the libresse calendar: Try to...

... look at your period as a little pet.

A pet you haven't chosen yourself, and that you...

... have to take care of for many, many years..

This is what you get when you sign up for stupid stuff when you're like 13. Wish I had known better back then, didn't realise that these texts would haunt me forever.