Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog, Bitch!

So... You.

 You're not satisfied with how often I write? You want me to blog more? Sure, I'll blog.


I hope you're happy. Until next time; don't hate, appreciate.

You see, there's a time for everything. The majority says it's time to study. I agree.

Kind of. 

"Haha, yeaahh, soo fun to sit on your butt for hours memorizing the structure of DNA or whatever!" 

I truly have no other choice than to make uni. my second home the next week. Until now, I've neglected the fact that there are midterms. There actually are midterms. I actually have to...


- Yeah.

 Oh. Anyways, I actually have to work for it sometimes. Have you ever realised that your entire life consists of working for the things you want? It sure sucks. Or at least today it does. On a normal day it sucks to actually not having to work for it. I know that sounds very unlikely, but trust me. It's true.

Nancy, focus.

 - I'm sorry.

 Bloody hell, Nancy! Come back.

- What. Dude, like, want some waffles?

 Hells yeah. A movie would be nice too.

Mathematical institute stepped in and saved the day. In spite of the fact that we only got to see 10 minutes of Jason Bourne. We have to study, you know.

Heaheahea, study.

When you put your philosophical mood on, it's funny to think about how humans have managed to organise themselves. Not least, why humans have gone and done it like this. Dammit, who invented school anyways? When did it become cool to know stuff? I demand to know; at what point did that someone stand up from the crowd of uncivilised beasts and say: "Eh, this is not for me." It's pretty...

Oh, Jesus Christ.

- Nancy.
- What's up.
- Why are you here?
- Just having a break. I want to check my email and stuff. Google cute cats or something. Anything.
- Your entire life revolves around breaks. Why don't you go back to your seat.
- Why don't you just leave me alone?

Ah, yeah. It's pretty amazing. Pretty friggin' amazing.

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  1. Hahahaha!!! Alt for å lure seg unna bøkene :P Lo høyt av den lille asiatiske puppetfingeren din!! Den var seriøst morsom, det traff i hvertfall mitt overtrøtte meg midt i blinken!! Lykke til med eksamene dine, eller semesteroppgaver... Misunner deg ganske kraftig.. ønsker meg faktisk til skolebenken selv :)

    Nå er det snart påskeferie, wohooo... eller wohooo for dere andre.. for meg innebærer det ingen forskjell, hehe :P

    Kleeeem c")